Data treatment

To make the access to information as transparent as possible, the PNEDC seeks to establish a common data treatment policy.  Over the medium and long term, this will ensure the greatest coherency to the information specialist, as well as to end-users. To the information specialist, cataloguing will be a faster task. The end-user will be able to access more and more reliable information, as quickly as possible.


Data description follows the UNIMARC/MARC21  format and adheres to the rules of Portuguese Cataloguing Rules (Regras Portuguesas de Cataogação).


The European Database uses Eclas and Eurovoc.


As control language, The European Database uses the Eurovoc thesaurus, which covers all fields that pertain to the European Union.

As this database is intended for the use of all Portuguese and European citizens, all indexing should be entered in two languages:  Portuguese and English.


Duplication of digitalisation should be avoided. PNEDC members should share their digitalised objects.

A common scanning policy will be development.


The database’s technical team will decide which digitised documents should be stored, based upon their importance and the technical possibility of replicating them.