Full-text access

Whenever possible, the user may access the documentation in full-text format.  This access may be gained through the database itself, or via hyperlink to the resource.


Selective dissemination of information (SDI)

Among other features, the user may define alerts and preferences, save searches, and see her/his search history.  The PNEDC members may also use their own SDI tools within their user community.



The European Database locates documents in paper format at the participating EDC installations.  In the event that these materials are available, the user may borrow them for home use.


Interlibrary loan

Whenever a document is not located at a user’s EDC institution, it may be requisitioned through interlibrary loan from another EDC.

Local lending

Some types of documents, such as periodicals in paper format, may be lent to a local user for consultation on the EDC premises.


EndNote references

The European Database permits export of bibliographic references and documents via EndNote bibliography management software.


Finding documents

When a user cannot find a desired document in The European Database, (s)he may ask for it at another institution where it has been located.


Requesting photocopies

Photocopies may be requested via The European Database.

Electronic periodicals

A vast number of online periodicals may be accessed through The European Database.


Documents on reserve

Whenever a user wishes to consult a document that is not available at the moment, (s)he may place the document on reserve through The European Database.